Relations of wartime pilot crash victim traced.

Relations of the unfortunate pilot F/Sgt Kenneth George Mayne RAF (VR), who was killed on Gallow Hill on 23 June 1945 when his plane crashed in poor visibility have been traced and a photograph of F/Sgt Mayne obtained.

Nigel Vague, who's mother is a first cousin of the pilot, contacted me with some information and a photograph of F/Sgt Mayne.


The photograph is attached and full information will be available on a slide show attachment soon. 



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Crash Site Visit

By admin, 2010-06-22

Just a reminder that there is to be a visit to the plane crash site on Gallow Hill tomorrow, Wednesday 23 June, leaving Denview at 7pm.

The purpose is to put up a small memorial to the unfortunate pilot, F/Sgt Kenneth Mayne who died there on 23 June 1945.

There will be drinks at Denview after.

All welcome,

Kind regards


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Nine Maidens' Day Festival 13 June 2010

On Sunday 13 June, a small band of 9 Glenners and friends left Glenogilvy and walked up to the march fence that runs between Auchterhouse Hill and Ark Hill, the boundary between the Glen and Denoon.  At the bridge near there they met up with friends from the Eassie and Denoon communities to enjoy a welcoming 'dram' from the Nine Maidens Quaich, before setting of to visit the ruins at 'the Haining' for a short talk on the site by David Orr.

After the talk, the group walked down the hill to Wester Dennon where they were given information about marriage stones.

They then made their way to Earter Dennon and the Nine Maidens' Feast that was provided by John, Jane and the kind folks from ENKCA.

A great day was had by all and £300 was raised to go towards the new Eassie Hall Fund.

Well done everyone and thanks for your hospitality ENKCA.

Our turn (Glenogilvy) next year. 

The Nine Maidens' celebration will take place on Sunday 12 June, the nearest Sunday to Nine Maidens Day which is on 15 June.



The birds have flown at Denview.

By admin, 2010-06-11

The bird box outside the kitchen window is empty now that the birds have flown.  See the video watch the blue tit fledging and leaving the nest.


New Glenner

By wolf, 2010-05-24
New Glenner

I have started to put a page together for Strathvale.

So far just a few photographs. More to come as I find them. I will also put some short video clips up once they are converted to the right format for viewing.

Hope to see more content from everyone soon.

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